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Your trusted broker in antique, house clearances, yard sales, buying-selling and destocking

We propose the best solutions and deals for you adapted to your needs in emptying houses, garage sales, objects to sale/purchase and destocking…


We deal with converting and emptying all types of homes such as houses and flats in order for them to be rented or sold.

House clearances:  

Emptying of all premises, house sale, yard sale, warehouses, shops, garages, etc..

Purchase and sale, destocking:

Purchase of old or new objects and furniture, lots, stocks, or brokerage on your behalf. 


Turnkey development: 

Residential development, preparation for housing or sale.

How much does it cost?

Our advice for emptying, lot sales, home-staging, destocking and other services is completely free of charge and without obligation. 

For the estimation and a research with a precise description of one or more particular objects, we charge you 5 euros VAT per object. Our estimations of objects, followed by a transaction or brokerage by us are free of charge. 

We pay immediately!

Advantageous prices. Well-kept work. Respect of deadlines and commitments.


Principles of circular economy and respect for the environment.

We work with respect and discretion.

We give new lives to objects or recycle them with approved actors. 

Contact us for a free and non-binding advice: 

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