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Your trusted broker in antique, house clearance, yard sales, buying-selling and destocking

BrokeAntique evaluates your request for free!


For the purchase or sale of objects, furniture, lots or stocks, you receive an immediate offer of payment, or a brokerage proposal with commission on the result of the sale. 

Rid house or interior installation, we draw up a free inventory of the objects to be removed or supplied and the work to be done, you will receive a free and non-binding estimate. 

What does the emptying cost?  


3 scenarios :

  • The value of your belongings to be evacuated corresponds to the costs:  you pay nothing and we do the work.

  • The value of your goods is higher than the costs:  we pay you in cash for the difference and do the work.

  • The value of your goods is not enough to cover the costs:  you only pay the difference between the value of the goods and the cost of evacuation.

For each case, we have the most suitable solutions, always at the most advantageous price and under the best conditions. Our knowledge of the workings of the sector and our address book of the best partners on the market ensure that you always get the right price for a job done perfectly and respectfully, in all circumstances.


Just rely on our expertise with confidence!
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