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Your trusted broker in antique, house clearance, yard sales, buying-selling and destocking


  • You are confronted with the need to clear a residential or commercial premises, for yourself or for a third party, after selling a house, or a divorce, a death, a relocation or move, a liquidation, etc...

  • You need to quickly and cheaply fit out a house, an apartment, a student's room, ...


We take care of your needs from A to Z!

  • You wish to sell objects or furniture, old or new, a lot, a stock,...

We buy them from you immediately, or make the sale for you!

Everyone has their own area of expertise! 

BrokeAntique is an agency specialized in brokering in the fields of house clearance, emptying, home furnishing and trading of old or recent objects. We intervene quickly throughout Benelux, directly or via our networks of professional partners and specialised merchants, selected in all areas of the sector according to criteria of reliability, competitiveness and ethics.

We have the ideal solutions for : 

  1. We empty all types of homes and premises, totally or partially. We do the work ourselves or control for you the deadlines, prices and costs of the professionals. 

  2. We fit out Partially or totally a house, a room, a studio, a student's room, etc... for housing or sale. We furnish you according to your budget and arrange the turnkey premises or part of them. 

  3. We buy and sell your objects, furniture, lots, stocks,... We buy your old or recent items directly from you, or sell them for you at the best conditions through our specialized merchant networks. 

Feel free to contact us for advice and non-binding quote!

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