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Your trusted broker in antique, house clearance, yard sales, buying-selling and destocking


House clearance:  

Total or partial evacuation of all premises: empty houses, apartments, cellars, attics, garages, warehouses, commercial premises, etc....  Free estimate, advantageous conditions, fast work, careful finishing, responsible recycling,... 

Purchases or brokerage:

Free (*) estimation of objects, antique furniture or design, collections, art, books, wines, merchandise lots, etc.... 

Turnkey development:

Total or partial installation of houses, apartments, kots studios, etc... We furnish totally or partially a complete home or a room at the lowest price ... We prepare houses or flats to be lodged or to be sold.

(*) Free estimation from an object that gives rise to a transaction. Estimations without transaction = 5€/object, lots and inventories on quote.

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